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How to Include LinkedIn Profile URL in Your Resume?

LinkedIn is the most powerful and advance search tool used by recruiters to find candidates other than resumes. Today Recruiters from big MNC’s check your LinkedIn profile before scheduling an interview.

You should include your LinkedIn profile URL in your resume this will make easier for employer to check for your profile on LinkedIn. And keep your LinkedIn profile always updated.

Adding a LinkedIn profile URL on your resume can leave a positive effect on the hiring managers. When you share your resume with recruiters directly keep in mind to include the LinkedIn profile URL on the resume. Because this will allow them to easily click on the link visit your LinkedIn profile.

Note: Do not Create your LinkedIn profile just a copy of your resume keep it updated.

Where you can add LinkedIn Profile URL.

You can add your profile URL at the bottom of your resume signature this will leave a positive impact on the recruiter mind. Make sure to shorten your link and there is no need to include “https.//www.”in URL link shared on resume, keep it short.
Before adding the URL. You need To customize your LinkedIn URL to see how visit How to customize your LinkedIn profile URL?




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