How To Add Your LinkedIn Badge, Buttons On Email Or Blog?

How To Add LinkedIn Badge, Buttons And Links On Email Or Blog?

Make your Email or blog signature working fast then now by simply adding your LinkedIn profile badge. By adding your LinkedIn profile badge you are sharing your personal and transparent information to your clients such that they can easily join you on social media and read about your achievements and future goals.

This can be a very powerful tool while applying for a job. You can also add this on resume and this make easy for employer to gather information about you.

First of all you need to create a Custom LinkedIn Profile badge for yourself.

Step 1: Create a custom LinkedIn Profile Badge:
You can see the whole process at How to Create Custom LinkedIn Profile Badge Or directly visit to LinkedIn Profile Badge

Step 2: After creating the badge you need to copy the link or the HTML code and paste that code in your website.

How to add LinkedIn profile badge in your website?

To include badge in your website. Follow these steps.
Step 1: Open your web C-Panel.
Step 2: Click on “Edit” the page on which you want to add this badge.
Step 3: In the body section at the very bottom you can add this badge to that page.

or you can also create hyperlinks with your name or signature.

How to add LinkedIn profile badge on your blog?

To add badge in your blog. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Login to your blog.
Step 2: Click on “layout” at the bottom left.
Step 3: Click on “Add a gadget” where you want to add your badge whether on a sidebar, top or bottom.
Step 4: Now select the ” HTML/ Java Script” from the list.
Step 4: Create a Title it can be your name or organization profile. And paste the profile badge code here. Click ok.

How To add LinkedIn profile badge in Email Signature?

To add profile badge in your Email signature follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Custom LinkedIn URL link.
For more info visit How to customize your LinkedIn profile URL?

Step 2: Login to your email.
Step 3: Click on “Edit Settings”
Step 4: At bottom click on the “Signature” option. Here you can add the link with your name.

Step 5: Paste your LinkedIn profile badge link in Web address.

Step 6: Click ok and you are done.

To add LinkedIn profile badge in email signature follow these steps:

Above first 4 steps are same.

Steps 5: Instead of clicking link click on image tab.

Step 6: Then click on Web address URL: Copy the link below.

Step7: Click Save and you are done.

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