How to create a custom LinkedIn profile badge for promotion?

How to create a LinkedIn profile badge?

LinkedIn is affordable and plays a very vital role in job hunting and recruitment process as well as sharing your personal profile. It helps small business and start ups to make new strategic connections to find more customers and clients to meet new goals and maintain recourses.

Why to use LinkedIn profile badge?

there are lot of terms for which you can make use of profile badge. Small business owners or recruiters who want to socialize their services and enhance their name on internet so that more and more people get connect to them uses LinkedIn profile badge on their websites and blogs. here LinkedIn badge not only told about your profile but also about your past experience and achievements. And this makes some trusted clients for you or your company.

Tip: Before creating your badge make your profile interesting and transparent including all your achievements.

Steps to Create a LinkedIn profile badge:

Step 1: Login to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 2: Click on your profile photo at Top Right corner.

Step 3: Click on view Profile In drop down list.

Step 4: On the right hand side click on “Edit your public profile”.

Step 5: Scroll down to bottom and at right hand. Click on “Create a public profile badge”.

Step 6: Now your LinkedIn profile badge is ready. Just select which one you need and you can also adjust the size and theme for LinkedIn profile badge. Or simply you can copy the text code for creating text link.

Step 7: And at last you just need to add this badge on your website or your blog as well as you can ad this badge on your email signature. So that if you send an email to any client. He/She can easily ready about by clicking your Email signature.

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