How to customize your LinkedIn profile URL?

How to customize your LinkedIn profile URL?

Today many small business owners, freelancers and job seekers are using LinkedIn for creating their profile and make them visible on internet. You need to customize your URL as per your roles and services.

For Example:
A typical LinkedIn profile URL looks like
so how to change it in something like this:

How to choose your LinkedIn profile URL?

Are you promoting yourself or your brand if you are promoting yourself you can add your name to the LinkedIn profile URL. And if you are branding your business use keywords in your profile URL for example: If you owning a car repair shop then you can use keywords like carpaintingservices. So that your LinkedIn profile URL will look like In this case the customer can see your business through the targeted keyword and you receive business.

You can make changes to your LinkedIn URL only 5 times in a 180 days time period. So keep In your mind what exactly you need before choosing the name for your URL.

How to create a custom LinkedIn profile URL?

Step 1: Log in to LinkedIn.
Step 2: At the top click on your profile then click on EDIT PROFILE:

Step 3: Now at the bottom in the URL section click on EDIT:

Step 4: Enter your new desired your URL and check for its avaiblity.

Step 5: If URL is available click on SET CUSTOME URL. And you are done.

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