Solve: Ask For A Job Referral From Strangers With Email Templates

How to request people for a job referral?

Email templates included.


Job Referrals can be the easiest step to get a job if you are qualify for it. The “New York Times” published an article regarding job referrals and found that how job referrals can be useful for both organisation and employers.

How job referrals can help you?

Job referrals can be the best way to get your resume on the first place and leads to conduct your interview easily. When you are referred by someone your job letter for any ‘xyz’ position, you mention the name of the referral on the very first page on the top and this will create a built in recommendation in the mind of hiring managers.

The person who is referring you will also create a good image for image in-front of the hiring managers and  other higher officials.

However, according to a survey if you are referred by someone the chances of your job placement increased.

Look for the job openings in company in which you are interested.

Create a list of companies for a particular job opening of your interest then research for friends and contacts and ask them for a referral favor.

To check resent job openings visit company website or use online job portal websites like, to research about the resent job openings. Read the job description carefully and see which one best fit for you. And now you just have to ask for a referral to schedule your interview.

How to research for your friends and LinkedIn members who are working in a desired company?

To research for friends or simply sorting you friends list or LinkedIn members who are working presently in the company of your choice you can use these online website or tools given bellow:

  1. Careersonar helps you to find the job listings in your social and professional networks and you can check listings regularly and apply for a reference.
  2. StartWire helps you to find your professionals connections in your Facebook friends and LinkedIn profile.  You can sort which one of your friend is working in your selected company and how can simply request them rather wasting your time to contact your every single friend.
  3. Simplyhired it is same as startwire to look up which friend from Facebook or LinkedIn profile is working in a company of your interest.

How to look up for job referrals?

Make your contact list of your friends and also approach strangers using different social media platform.

  1. Create your network on LinkedIn. Start building your connections on LinkedIn. Search the company and their employers try to build connections with them and later ask them for a job reference. For more info on LinkedIn visit How to build connection on LinkedIn for job search?
  2. Ask your friends and seniors. Find your friends who are who are working in your selected company. Contact them and request for a job referral. Asking friends is not a tough job and even organisation also respect friends job referrals because “Friend’s referrals hires” work for long term and this also help to create a healthy and friendly environment.

Why stranger will help you with job referral?

Employee Referral

People usually loves to refer others because company pays them for referring someone and that’s called employee referral. That’s mean they will earn some extra money just for referring you.

How to request for a job referral?

Once you find the best fit job of your interest now it’s time to ask your contacts for a job referral. You can ask your friends and relatives in any way. However for LinkedIn members and your seniors you have to make it professional and make it in a decent way.

Make sure whom are asking for a referral don’t put to much pressure on them. Just request them for a reference and leave it on their hands perhaps some people hesitates about endorsing people and some don’t want you to be a part of the organisation

To reach your LinkedIn members and Seniors use Email templates to request.

For example;

Hi [person name],
[Subject: Request for job referral for designation]
I am reaching you today because I am extremely interested in an [Job role] role at [company].  I think I would be an awesome fit for the organization in view of  [mention your desired skills or experiences relevant to the job] and I am hoping that you might be able to pass my resume along to the correct contacts inside.
Thanks so much! [you]


Hi [person name],
[Subject: Request for job referral for designation]
I am reaching you today because i found a new job opening for [Job role] at  [company name] and this seem to be great fit for me as I have [mention your desired skills or experiences relevant to the job] and I am really very interested in this job. I’ve already applied for this job online but I am hoping a help from you that you might be able to pass my resume along to the correct contacts inside Thank’s for your help and your every prominent step is highly appreciable.
Your’s {name} 


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